NP5 SPI Online Manual

2400h NanoJ Inputs


Located here is an array with 32, 32-bit integer values that is not used within the firmware and serves only for communicating with the user program via the fieldbus.

Object description

Index 2400h
Object name NanoJ Inputs
Object Code ARRAY
Data type INTEGER32
Savable no
Firmware version FIR-v1426
Change history

The number of entries was changed from 2 to 33

Firmware version FIR-v1436: "Object Name" entry changed from "VMM Inputs" to "NanoJ Inputs".

Firmware version FIR-v1436: "Name" entry changed from "VMM Input N#" to "NanoJ Input N#".

Value description

Subindex 00h
Name Number Of Entries
Data type UNSIGNED8
Access read only
PDO mapping no
Allowed values
Preset value 20h
Subindex 01h - 20h
Name NanoJ Input #1 - #32
Data type INTEGER32
Access read / write
PDO mapping RX-PDO
Allowed values
Preset value 00000000h


Here, it is possible to pass, e.g., preset values, to the NanoJ program.

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