Dear Customers,

Should you wish to return a product, please proceed as follows:

  1. Complete the RMA form. Within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation with your RMA number.
  2. Place the RMA form you receive from Nanotec in your package.

Defective products will be collected by UPS. If you normally don‘t use UPS, please request a UPS return label from Nanotec. Consignments that arrive as freight collect and consignments without an RMA number will not be processed and returned to the sender.

The warranty will become invalid if the products have been improperly packed and shipped, the specifications for set up and installation or during operation have not been followed, damage has been caused by external intervention, or if the goods show mechanical damage.

Modified products
If products that have been modified by the customer can be analyzed or repaired, will be decided by our technical sales department. Please specify your sales contact and the analysis approval in the RMA form. 

The repair will take approx. 10 working days. This period may be longer if, for example, spare parts need to be ordered or if, under certain circumstances, repair is only possible by the manufacturer. Information about the processing status can be obtained from our sales department.

Please note:

  • Before submitting your return, check carefully whether a defect does actually exist. For unjustified complaints, we will invoice a testing and processing charge of 80.00 EUR plus shipping costs and sales tax. If the products are older than 1 year or the warranty period has expired, we charge an additional 50.00 EUR/hour for the analysis.
  • Shipping damages must be reported to the freight forwarder immediately and documented with photos.
  • Electronic components and exposed electronic assemblies must be packaged in an ESD-compliant manner.
  • Only returns of products purchased directly from Nanotec will be accepted.
  • We do not issue a credit note for damaged return deliveries. These will be returned at the expense of the customer.
  • Products that are contaminated with substances harmful to health or the environment will be rejected and returned to the sender.

RMA form

Best regards

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