The quality and environmental management system along with every employee continuously contribute to improving our service, to optimizing it constantly, as well as to act with environmental compatibility and in compliance with health and occupational safety standards.

Exceptional customer satisfaction originates from the quality of our products and services. This is a prerequisite for maintaining our competitiveness, securing and bettering our earnings, our future success, and our market position for secure jobs. Therefore, quality must necessarily be the measure by which all of our employees operate, as nothing is more economically efficient than doing everything correctly right from the start. Good health is the greatest asset a person can possess, which is why it is our declared goal to preserve it for the benefit of our employees and the company. The preservation of an intact environment is of existential importance to us and to subsequent generations, and we make a continuous effort to satisfy this commitment.

Quality and environmental principles

Our primary goal is to secure the long term viability of our company. We want

  • to inspire our customers with excellent products and services. Your judgment is decisive.
  • to generate products and services of exceptional quality with highly motivated, healthy and environmentally conscious employees,
  • to ensure that the necessary product quality can be achieved and maintained in an economical fashion and
  • to instill and further develop in our employees the necessary awareness for quality, the environment and health through continuing education, the provision of information, training and instruction.  To meet this challenge while still focusing on sustainability, we make use of a quality management system based on  ISO 9001  and an environmental management system, introduced with the successful participation in the Ecoprofit program and further developed in line with  
    ISO 14001 . Continuous improvements to the processes within the company as well as to the products resulting from this create an atmosphere of trust inside and outside of the company therefore securing the long term company success.

"Our environmental policy defines the guiding principles of the environmental protection that we pursue for our activities. Nature, society, business, and each individual company are part of a global, ecological system whose balance and diversity are critical for the continued existence of all life. As a globally active commercial enterprise, we are addressing our particular responsibility for preserving natural conditions. Through energy efficient drives, industrial automation can contribute hugely to reducing the global energy consumption. Our goal is the continuous increase in the efficiency of our drive solutions, and the development of a wide application range through cost reductions."  
Stephan Huber, CEO

Environmental principles

We are committed to the following environmental principles:

  • We consider environmental protection as a necessary procedure to achieve our business objectives. Environment-related aspects are therefore integrated in the management system structure of decision-making and acting. We regard national legal requirements as being minimum requirements and strive for a higher level of safety as well as health and environmental protection.
  • Cooperation of all employees is necessary to implement environmental policies. Therefore, all employees in all areas of the company receive comprehensive information and are integrated in the concept of environmental protection.
  • To ensure the success of our company's environmental policies, we conduct environmental audits on a regular basis. In this way we check the effectiveness of our environmental policy, environmental objectives, and environmental programs.
  • We are continuously reducing the dangers and risks in the manufacture, sale, use, handling, and disposal of our products in order to protect our employees, neighbors, customers, and the environment. Safety, health, and environmental aspects are taken into consideration in the development of new products and production methods.
  • We reduce the amount of waste and residual substances, environmentally critical emissions and sewage to a minimum by taking the required technical and organizational measures.
  • We are also using our influence on suppliers and service providers with regard to our environmental policy.
  • We trustfully and openly cooperate with authorities, other companies, and the public in questions of environmental protection. We provide all information necessary to understand the environmental impacts of our company. We regularly provide information on our environmental activities.

Nanotec is certified according to OHRIS

Our company aims for the highest standards in health protection, occupational health and safety, and safety at the workplace. We work ceaselessly on improvements beyond the requirements demanded by law. To implement the improvement process regarding occupational health and safety protection in a consistent, structured and sustainable manner, we involved the Trade Supervisory Office in the relevant company processes. It confirmed the effectiveness of our occupational health and safety protection system with the OHRIS certificate.

(OHRIS is a Bavarian management system for occupational and plant safety)


Code of Conduct

Nanotec Electronic GmbH & Co. KG and its affiliated companies take responsibility toward our employees and business partners, the public and the environment very seriously. We comply with applicable laws and regulations and are committed to respecting fundamental ethics.

This Code of Conduct serves as a guide to establish a shared understanding of acceptable behavior, prevent conflicts, and foster a positive work environment. 


"Tell us" whistleblower system

The "Tell us" whistleblower system enables employees and third parties to report misconduct or unlawful or unethical behavior. A report can help to uncover problems that would otherwise remain secret and reassure the whistleblower that their concerns are being taken seriously. 

A report can be made

  • regardless of whether you work at Nanotec or not,
  • if a known or suspected violation of laws or regulations has been identified,
  • directly at Nanotec or in our supply chain.

All reports are strictly confidential. The whistleblower system complies with the requirements of the GDPR.

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