Webinar: What’s important when selecting an encoder?

This webinar provides insight into the various encoder technologies: we compare optical encoders, reflective encoders and magnetic encoders with respect to function, features and application areas. Duration: 45 minutes. Please note that the webinar is held in German.

Our experts explore the following topics in detail and offer many practical tips for selecting the right encoder for your application:

  • Functional principles
  • Signal types
  • Position detection
  • Absolute encoders

We also introduce the high-resolution NME2 magnetic encoder from Nanotec. It is available in a version for incremental signals as well as with an SSI interface. With the incremental version, commutation signals for BLDC motors are generated as well, and the index position can be adjusted using a pin.

  • Incremental resolution: 16,384 CPR (65,536 PPR)
  • SSI resolution: 17 bit, single-turn absolute
  • maximum speed: 12,000 rpm
  • For shaft diameters of up to 15 mm

Thanks to its modular design, the NME2 encoder can be combined with brushless DC- and stepper motors as well as with hollow shaft motors and linear actuators.



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