Webinar: Using motor controllers more efficiently

In this webinar, we introduce the features of motor controllers and brushless DC motors with integrated controller from Nanotec. Learn more about the various control methods, the differences between open-loop and closed-loop and our firmware. You’ll be up-to-date in just one hour! Please note that the webinar is held in German.

To help you use the motor controllers from Nanotec more efficiently, our experts also explore the following topics:

  • Configuration with the Plug & Drive Studio
  • Setting the parameters
  • Operating modes
  • VMM programming

Controllers / Drives

Nanotec offers programmable motor controllers/drives with a wide power range and optimum dynamic performance:

  • 12 – 72 V DC operating voltage
  • 72 to 850 W rated power 
  • Field-oriented control with encoder, Hall sensors or sensorless
  • CANopen, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP

Smart Servos

For precise position, speed, and torque control, Nanotec's product range includes brushless DC motors with integrated controller in three sizes: 



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