Webinar: Linear Actuators – Types and Function

What are the different types of linear actuators and how do they differ? How do I find the right lead screw and why is the thread lead so important? The Nanotec experts will answer these and all other questions in our 20 minute webinar. 

We provide you with equations for converting torque into thrust and also discuss these topics in detail: 

  • Types of threaded nuts
  • Axial backlash
  • Criteria for self-locking
  • Extending the service life

When used with a closed-loop controller, the linear actuators from Nanotec can be controlled via fieldbus, clock & direction or analog/digital inputs. The feed force can also be controlled when the linear actuators are combined with an encoder.

You can find further information on Nanotec’s range of actuators on these pages: Linear actuators with stepper motor.



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