Partners for smart gearboxes: Nanotec and Kraken

To develop drive systems with sensor technology for industrial automation, Nanotec Electronic invests in Kraken Innovations. Together with the Graz-based startup, Nanotec aims to bring an innovative, high-performance gearbox to series maturity. The patented kinematics ensures very high power density, precision and torsional rigidity. In combination with sensors integrated in the gearbox, such as for torque and speed, the result is an extremely compact unit that will set new standards in many areas. 

“The collaboration with Kraken Innovations is strategically significant for expanding our mechatronics portfolio,” says Dr. Christian Hainzlmaier, CTO at Nanotec. “Kraken's work on the Smart Gear lays a very solid foundation for drive innovations that can be produced in series.”

Kraken founder Philipp Eisele, in turn, hopes to access international markets: “Nanotec's global sales experience opens key markets of industrial automation that we would like to tap into with our gearbox concept.”

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