PD6-E891S95-M-65-4 –  Stepper motor with integrated controller IP65 – NEMA 34

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Technical Data

  • Size
  • Fieldbus Modbus TCP 
  • Holding Torque
  • Rated Current (RMS) 9.5 A
  • Number of Digital Inputs
  • Number of Analog Inputs
  • Number of Digital Outputs
  • Encoder  
  • Encoder Resolution SSI 17 Bit Single-Turn / 16 Bit Multi-Turn Absolute 
  • Weight
  • NEMA 34 
  • Interface USB 
  • Operating Voltage 12 VDC - 57.6 VDC
  • Peak Current (RMS) 12.5 A
  • Type of Digital Inputs 5/24 V switchable 
  • Type of Analog Input 0 - 20 mA / 0 - 10 V switchable 
  • Type of Digital Output open-drain (max. 24 V/100 mA) 
  • Encoder Type multi-turn absolute 
  • Length


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Torque Curves

Recommended load limit:
Maximum short-term static load that may be reached when the service life is taken into account.
Recommended load limit
Continuous Operation
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ZK-M12-4-2M-1-LFF Power Straight 2m
ZK-M12-4-2M-2-LFF Power Angled 2m
ZK-M12-4-5M-1-LFF Power Straight 5m
ZK-M12-4-5M-2-LFF Power Angled 5m
ZK-M12-12-2M-1-AFF IO Straight 2m
ZK-M12-4-2M-1-D-RJ45 Modbus TCP Straight 2m
ZK-M8F2-M8M1-3-138-S Brake cable BCD
ZK-M8-3-2M-1-AMM Brake out Straight 2m
ZK-M8-3-2M-2-AMM Brake out Angled 2m
Z-K10000/100 Capacitor
BC72-50 Brake chopper
ZK-USB Mini USB cable, 1.5m

Knowledge Base

This application note shows how to establish communication between Nanotec drives via CANopen. NanoJ programming allows you to realize simple master/slave functionalities, such as synchronizing two drives without a PLC.
More details
The examples and the Application Note show you how the NanoJ Library simplifies the use of the CiA 402 Power State Machine. The functions of the library are contained in a single header file, which you can easily add to your NanoJ project in Plug & Drive Studio.
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