Individual BLDC or Stepper Motors & Linear Actuators | NANOTEC

Custom Designs

Special Rear Flange

Nanotec offers special flanges with custom bearings and tolerances. They are produced on the basis of a 3D drawing, measured with a measuring machine and then shipped to the customer for release.

Customized rear bearing covers are used for connecting individual cable or motor connectors as well as structural attachments with highly integrated sensor and driver electronics.

Special Front Flange

Customized front motor flanges offer individual fastening solutions as well as attachments on devices and machines.

Fixing Screws

For an order quantity of at least 50 pieces, Nanotec also offers stepper motors with longer fixing screws. 

Mounting Flange with Metric Thread

For easy mounting, we also offer mounting flanges with metric thread. The stepper motors of the SC6018 series are equipped standard with size M5 mounting threads.

Special Motor Windings

In addition to the windings listed in the catalog, Nanotec also offers motors with customized winding.

High-Temperature Winding

High-temperature windings as well as winding formers and paints with insulation class F = 155°C are also available.


All standard ball bearings used in Nanotec motors have an integrated ZZ seal. In addition, O-rings with various tolerance classes and cross-section diameter, radial seals, radial shaft seals, mechanical seals, V-rings with chamfered sealing lip, elastic PTFE seals as well as RS seals, 2RS seals, VS seals or RZ seals are available.

Special Ball Bearings

The BLDC and stepper motors from Nanotec are equipped with double, high-quality, grooved ball bearings. The maximum permissible radial and axial forces are specified in the data sheet for all standard motors. To transfer higher radial forces, space-saving bearings with different inside and outside diameters are used. For applications with higher axial forces (such as helically toothed pinions or spindle drives), integrated angular contact ball bearings ensure the necessary safety.

In addition to the standard bearings, Nanotec also offers special bearings made from special materials or chrome-alloyed special steels with different inside and outside diameters, contacting and non-contacting as well as contact-free covers and seals made of sheet steel, steel-reinforced NBR and high-temperature seals with optimized bearing clearance and higher precision classes according to DIN620T2.

Custom Motors

Linear actuator with integrated limit switch

For this application, the motor sits in the middle of two symmetrical push rods. The lead screw was therefore implemented on the rear side with a thread to which the push rod is fastened. We attached two Hall sensors as limit switches on the top side of the rotation prevention. They are triggered by a magnet traveling along on the lead screw.

Valve drive for liquid chromatography

Due to the limited installation dimensions in the customer's application, a maximum edge length of just 28 mm was possible for the motor. In spite of this, a torque of 0.55 Nm had to be achieved. This necessitated the use of a planetary gearbox with a reduction of 19:1. To position with 100% accuracy despite gearbox backlash, the NOE1 encoder was mounted on the output shaft of the gearbox. Using quadrature evaluation, a resolution of 0.045° is thereby achieved.