New stepper motor with UL/CSA certification

Nanotec has expanded its product portfolio with the high-torque stepper motor ASA5618. This power pack not only meets the highest safety standards, as evidenced by its UL/CSA certification, but also supports even the most demanding applications with particularly precise and reliable performance.

With a flange size of 56 mm (NEMA23), the ASA56 features a holding torque ranging from 140 to 230 Ncm, making it ideal for axis drives of machine tools or robot-assisted applications in surgery. Larger quantities can be supplied with an integrated holding brake.

To ensure high positioning accuracy, the motor is equipped with an integrated encoder, available in both incremental and multiturn versions.

Built to withstand challenging environments, the ASA5618 comes with IP65 protection, providing resistance to dust, water, and extreme temperatures. 

The new stepper motor is available in two lengths (88 and 109.5 mm) and is complemented by a wide range of combinations with gearboxes, and customizable shaft designs, to meet diverse application needs.

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