Smart brushless DC servo with 28 mm flange

Nanotec presents the PD1-C, a stepper motor that features an integrated controller and encoder. With a flange size of merely 28 mm (NEMA 11), this compact smart servo reaches a maximum holding torque of 18 Ncm and a peak current of 3 A. Three motor versions are available: one with protection class IP20, a version with IP65 protection and a motor with open housing that can be modified for applications with custom connectors. 

A CANopen and a Modbus RTU interface facilitate parameterization, and Nanotec's free Plug & Drive Studio software ensures a user-friendly programming experience. The PD1-C's single-turn absolute encoder further enhances performance through closed-loop control. Due to its compact design, this stepper motor is ideal for applications with space constraints, effectively reducing both wiring complexity and installation costs.

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