BC72-50 –  Brake chopper

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BC72-50 is a brake chopper module that limits the voltage in an intermediate circuit to a safe level, thus protecting all controllers in the circuit from overvoltage. The energy generated by the decelerating motor first loads the integrated buffer capacitor, then the remaining energy is converted to heat by switching it to a braking resistor, which is also integrated.

In order to increase the power, an additional external resistor can be added. 

  • Overvoltage protection for multiple controllers
  • Switching voltage easily adjustable in 1 V steps (via rotary switch)
  • Integrated brake resistor, no external parts required
  • Operating voltage: 12 - 75 V DC
  • Rated power (with integrated brake resistor): 20 W
  • Rated power (with external brake resistor): up to 100 W

Technical Data

  • Operating Voltage 12 VDC - 75 VDC
  • Rated power (with external brake resistor) up to 100 W
  • Capacity of the integrated capacitors 400 uF
  • Rated power (with integrated brake resistor) 20 W
  • Maximum permissible power (for 1 s) 1000 W


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ZCPHOF-MC1,5-3  * 3-pin terminal connector
ZCPHOFKC-2,5HC-3  * Connector Power
ZCPHOFKC-2,5HC-2  * Connector Power
* Included in the scope of delivery for BC72-50.