NME2-UVW-U10-05-O –  High-resolution magnetic encoder

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Technical Data

  • Index  
  • Encoder Signal Type incremental 
  • Shaft Diameter
  • Output Signals phase A, A\, B, B\, I, I\, H1, H2, H3 
  • Operating Temperature  -
  • Humidity max. 95% (no condensation) 
  • Line Driver  
  • Encoder Resolution 16384 CPR
  • Operating Voltage (Encoder) 4.50 – 5.50 V
  • Limit Speed 12000 RPM
  • Storage Temperature  -


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ZK-MCM-12-500-S-JXH Encoder cable NME2/3 0.5m
ZK-MCM-12-500-S-JPAD Encoder cable NME2/3 0.5m
ZK-MCM-12-500-S-JGH Encoder cable NME2/3 0.5m
ZK-MCM-12-2,0-S-JPAD Encoder cable NME2/3 2.0m
ZK-NME2-12-500-S Encoder cable NME2/3 0.5m