High-torque gearboxes – now in three sizes

With the GP42, GP56 and GP80 series, Nanotec now offers high-torque planetary gearboxes in three different sizes. The compact modules are easy to adapt to individual requirements and have a long service life.

The gearboxes are available in one- and two-stage designs. All gears are straight-cut and made of hardened steel, thus achieving a significantly higher rated torque – ranging from 6.5 to 47.85 Nm, depending on the gearbox size.

In all three variants (42/56/80mm flange), the sun gear is mounted on the motor shaft. This mounting option is particularly space-saving and cost-effective. On request, a clamping system for the sun gear connection can be ordered for the GP80 model.

Nanotec provides the gearboxes in combination with BLDC and stepper motors. Square and round flanges, as well as various gear ratios, offer even more flexibility. Further modifications are possible.


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