NP5 CANopen Online Manual

Configuring the sensors

The parameters (configuration, alignment, etc.) of each feedback are determined by Auto setup and stored in the following objects:

Object Feedback Description
3380h Sensorless Contains measurement and configuration values for sensorless control
3390h Hall sensor (digital) contains configuration values for the Hall sensors
33A0h Incremental encoder 1 contains configuration values for the first incremental encoder
33A1h Incremental encoder 2 contains configuration values for the second incremental encoder

It is not possible to determine the resolution of encoders without index or with more than one index per motor revolution.

In this case, you must enter and store the parameters in the corresponding objects (see 3204h, 60E6h and 60EBh) (category Tuning, see Saving objects).

For external sensors that are not mounted directly on the motor shaft, you must set and store the gear ratio according to the constructive features (objects 60E8h and 60EDh) and/or the feed constant (objects 60E9h and 60EEh) (category Application).


An encoder with a resolution of 2000 increments/mm was connected that is to be used in the field directly at the process for a high-precision position measurement. The constructive design was realized as follows:
Motor Gearbox Process Encoder
Rotary Rotary | Rotary Rotary | Translational Translational
1 i=4 Diameter 40 mm | 125.6637... mm/revolution 2000 incr./mm (62831.85 incr. per motor revolution)
You must set the resolution, gear ratio and feed constant as follows:
You must still set the unit for the position to millimeters or other unit of length, see chapter User-defined units.

In object 3203h you can set which of the present feedbacks the controller takes into account for each controller (current controller/commutation, velocity controller, position controller) in closed loop or the determination of the actual position and actual speed in open loop. See also chapter Closed Loop and Assignment of the feedbacks to the control loops.

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