NanoLib —  Software integration for motor controllers


NanoLib is a software library intended to facilitate the integration of Nanotec’s motor controllers/drives into your software applications. It’s ready to use and contains all basic functionalities required to communicate with our controllers via CANopen, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, USB or the REST protocol. NanoLib allows you to control the motors, update the firmware and upload NanoJ programs. The library supports the programming languages C++, C#, Python and Java. 

Latest Version 1.1.1

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NanoLib Example Programs

NanoLib 软件库简化了将 Nanotec 电机控制器/驱动器集成到现有软件基础设施中的过程。该示例程序可在“ 下载  ”中找到,该示例程序显示了如何建立连接,而下面的示例则说明了如何使用NanoLib额外地控制电机的转动。

The motor is switched on and briefly turns in both directions.
9 KB
In this mode the motor is switched on and briefly moves back and forth between two positions.
9 KB

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