PD4-C CANopen Online Manual

6070h Velocity Threshold Time


Time in milliseconds above which an actual speed greater than the value in 606Fh in Profile Velocity mode is considered to be nonzero.

Object description

Index 6070h
Object name Velocity Threshold Time
Object Code VARIABLE
Data type UNSIGNED16
Savable yes, category: application
Access read / write
PDO mapping RX-PDO
Allowed values
Preset value 0000h
Firmware version FIR-v2013-B726332
Change history


If the actual speed is greater than the value in 606Fh(Velocity Threshold) for a time of 6070h(Velocity Threshold Time), bit 12 in 6041h(Statusword) has the value "0". The bit otherwise remains set to "1".

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