PD4-C CANopen Online Manual


Described in the following chapters is how you can change the communication settings.

The controller is configured per default for node-ID 1 and a baud rate of 1 Mbaud.

Setting node-ID and baud rate

Node-ID and baud rate are dependent on the position of the S1 rotary switch and, if applicable, on objects 2005h CANopen Baudrate, 2006h CANopen WheelConfig and 2009h CANopen NodeID.

Rotary switch

The PD4-C is equipped with a hex coding switch – similar to that shown in the following figure. This can be used to set the source for the node-ID and the baud rate.


  • If the rotary switch is set to the value "1", the node-ID is set to "1" and the baud rate is permanently set to 1000 kBd. In the event of problems with the configuration, communication can thereby always be established with the controller and any errors reversed.
  • The changes in objects 2005h and 2009h must be stored by writing value "65766173h" in object 1010h:0Ah.
  • The changes are not accepted until either
    • the voltage supply is briefly disconnected or
    • the CANopen message "RESET COMM" (NMT) is sent to the motor.
  • The load sequence for objects 2005h and 2009h is as follows (each successive value overwrites the previous):
    1. The default value is loaded.
    2. A stored value – if present – is loaded.
    3. The configuration file is used if the controller has one.
    4. The settings of the rotary switch(es) are taken over.

Node-ID and baud rate

The following table shows a summary of the adjustment options available with the rotary switch.
Value of the rotary switch Node-ID Baud rate
0h Object 2009h 1 MBd fixed
1h-7h Value of the rotary switch 1 MBd fixed
8h Object 2009h Object 2005h
9h-Fh (Number of the rotary switch)-8 Object 2005h

The value of object 2005h can be found in the following table.

Value Baud rate in kBd
dec hex
120 78 100
129 81 10
130 82 20
131 83 50
132 84 125
133 85 250
134 86 500
135 87 1000

Using with node-ID offset

To activate this function, object 2006h:01 must be set to the value "1". In this case, the following functions apply:
  • If the number "0" is set with the rotary switch, the node-ID is read from object 2009 (default = 127), baud rate = 1 MBd.
  • If a number between "1" and "Fh" is set, this number is added to 2006h:02. The baud rate corresponds to the setting in object 2005.

Setting using LSS

The Layer Setting Services offers you the option to dynamically assign the node-ID and/or the baud rate via the CANopen bus. See chapter LSS protocol.

To do this, the rotary switch must be set to the position at which the node-ID and baud rate are read from the respective objects.

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